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12.11 Server restart, changelogs. Online growth!

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Oct 26, 2015
Server restart at 16:00 (UTC +2) November 12
Duration up to 30min

We have great news!
Almost every day in prime time, we take new records online! Yes not big, but the dynamics are positive. I’m sure you also noticed that there are more people in the game now.
Overall, over the past 10 days, online has grown by ~15% (unique players). This is very good result on server that is 8 weeks old, and 2 hero cycles change.

We have a fantastic community, thank you for your support!
Welcome and enjoy the game to everyone who has just joined us. Call your friends, we have good bonuses for beginners: Full equipment D-C gr, Extra Buff, easy way to exp by using Way of Giants!

After server restart:
  • Halloween Event turn off - all event items will be deleted
  • Start new Event - Lucky Pots
  • Add hats from Halloween to Premium Shop (without buff, just visual)
  • Decrease amount of ppl needed to enter to Tiat and Ecimus (need 2 pt 18 ppl)
  • Decrease CP potions weight
  • Decrease some prices in Premium shop (consumable items)
  • A little changed Loyalty shop (add some consumable items, decrease price for runes)
  • Now you will see announces before any 76+ RB spawn
  • Fixed geodata on forts
  • Fixed ATT in Kamael Hero weapon
  • Fixed timer on runes
  • Fixed TP from Gracia (when you can make TP on transform)
  • Changed some visual in game client (map info, lvl monsters)

After server restart need click Check Updates in updater!
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