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11.01 Server restart, Changelogs, start new Event!


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Oct 26, 2015
Server restarts at 16:00 (UTC +2) January 11
Duration up to 30min

After server restart:

  • More items for newbie! Starting from 05.01 B gr gear box, from Jan 10 you will get 3 days XP Rune and 3 days Buff Certificate. Don't miss it! Invite your friends!
  • Price for A gr in Luxury Shop has been decreased
  • Duration of the buffs on TvT from now 1 hour
  • From now if you get 2nd level of inactive Penalty in TvT, you will not be able to participate in the event
  • Fixed Chant of Victory on TvT
  • Added some visual changes in patch
  • Added possibility to learn Weapon Blockade skill on Duelist class
  • Aden's siege time changed to 20:00 UTC +2
  • Changed chance for drop zaken's earring to 85% (like on official servers), if you don't get it, you will get zaken's earring piece
  • Ended NY Event (candies, snowflakes, Christmas tree decorations will be deletd)
  • Starting new PVE Event - Invasion on Giran Harbor

After server restart you need to click "Check Updates" in Updater
In next week we will announce when we start new season on server - Episode Two, follow the news!

Happy New Year to all, and have fun on the server!
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