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Server successfully start! Great online like on old good times!

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Oct 26, 2015

Dear fiends!
Congratulations to all with successful opening! It's really amazing, we are filled with nostalgic memories of the good old days!
We all together make great work, and were able to collect a huge online! A lot of players beginning from Closed Beta stage help us not only with tests, but with inviting friends, pts and event full clans!
We have a great list of real clans from around the world - check recruit section

Also, with help of newsletters via mail we see a lot of old Dex players who not playing Lineage 2 few years, we are glad to see you guys here again ;)
We hope our project help you a little better spend time and get some fun in this not easy times!

Good luck to all, be safe and have a fun!

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