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Server successfully start! Great online like on old good times!


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Oct 26, 2015

Dear fiends!
Congratulations to all with successful opening! It's really amazing! We don't have any problems any attacks. Is very smoothest server start!
Even this is not our first opening, but each time we have a lot of nostalgic feelings, the spirit of pioneers and a great interest in what this new world will be like!
We all together make great work, and were able to collect a huge online and best La2 community!
We have a great list of real clans from around the world - check recruit section

Hope our project help you a little better spend time and get some fun in this not easy times!

- Join discord

Its how many players we have in 04:30 AM on Cabrio ;)

Near plans and some important events:
  • Today we start TvT event, first match will be on 16:00.
  • This evening will be first AQ respawn. Check exatly time when Raid Boss respawn you can in game ALT+B
  • On Monday start 7s registration
  • Start Giran Harbor Fair from Monday (Auctions start in 22:00 in Giran Harbor, each day from January 18)

Good luck to all and have a fun!



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